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Stone-1 Birds-0

Today I ventured out with my kids, ages 6 and 8, with the addition of my 3 year old niece. I packed up my netbook and headed to the library. Two birds, one stone- or so I thought.
Well since school is out the library had an influx of children added to the mass quantity of story time preschoolers. I of course sat in the kids library which is typically entertaining for the kiddos and relatively quiet since my children adhere to the “inside voice” library rule. Unfortunately all those inside voices quickly turned into dull roar.
In addition to the gobs of children, we had the new addition of grandmas and other out of town family members hanging out with mom and kids while they did their thing.
Personally, I think they should have dragged them to Chuck-e-cheese. I know they are probably thinking let me impress the Ol’ MIL with my genius baby’s ability to say hi in 5 languages, sit through story time and recognize the word cat, but seriously I’ve done the toddler thing. If you really want to impress someone you take them somewhere guaranteed to make your child shine. A place where tokens run out, soda comes from a fountain, and nap time ceases to exist. If you have done a half-decent job raising your child you will look like a rockstar. True story.
When your kid chooses water over soda, waits patiently for their turn, remembers to say please for a second slice and manages to leave without creating a scene… you’ve won, because it doesn’t really matter if that little angry kicking and screaming heap you have to step over upon your exit can say hi in five languages at that point.
But back to the point of my story. I attempted in vain to get work done, after accomplishing very little, we left picked up pizza and then I made cookies?!?
So writing goal for today- not met. I will try again tomorrow, after lunch with friends ūüėČ Now, if only writing burned more calories!

NaNo Fail

Yesterday after churning out 1K words I decided not to stop and managed to make it around the 3K mark.  I was extraordinarily happy with my progress, but quickly discovered after writing that much I should probably not try to talk on the phone while finishing up. Apparently most of my brain cells had been expended. 
For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I had¬†two copies of the file open on my netbook.¬† I don’t usually type on my netbook so I wasn’t really paying attention to the files.¬† I saved my work and closed the file, well as I¬†continued to yack¬†away on the phone I noticed the file still open so I saved again and closed.¬† You would think the alert “this file already exist, do you want to replace” would have set off some sort of writing red alert with flashing lights, sirens the whole shebang, but no. So I clicked yes and closed the file. The second I did that it hit me what I had just done.¬†
I had just rewritten the file with a previous version… the one prior to the additional 2K.¬† I felt sick, I couldn’t believe what I had just done.¬† I searched my computer, tried to restore to a previous version, googled the heck out of the subject only to realize you can’t go back after clicking that little yes to replacing a file.¬† Well maybe if you buy some software or something, but I figured live and let learn, my mistake didn’t warrant expensive software.¬†
Feeling utterly defeated but refusing to lose all those words, I set back to work and finished yesterday at a whopping 3,150.¬† If you include what I lost it would have been over 5K, but unfortunately I just have to let those words go.¬† For the most part I think I covered everything I had written, the only thing that bothers me is I had written this funny scene in my first draft, and for the life of me I can’t remember how I worded it. It had to do with face meeting pavement but can’t remember my set up.. sigh. Oh well.
So that’s my epic NaNo fail…
I did meet my writing goal for the day and also learned never to replace a file… EVER! I’m still kicking myself for such a stupid move.¬†

10 days and counting…

10 days left to complete my nano project. I am way behind and have been stuck in a bit of a rut. I know where my story is headed but I’m having trouble getting there. Finally last night I had an idea, so I’m motivated and ready to go. Kids are home all week for thanksgiving break so this will be interesting.
Plan is to grab my netbook, take the kids somewhere to play and see how much I can get done.

Week 3

So NaNo week three starts and I kid you not my youngest is sick again! He’s home from school with fever and possibly a mystery virus. It’s really so strange, nothing ever really goes on around here, then along comes National Writing month and BAM! everyone gets sick, even my computer which by the way is officially fixed.
I’m pushing forward though, going to get these words written.¬† I have a looong way to go, but I’m not giving up yet.
Oh and on a side note I’m also cyberstalking a forum (oh don’t lie you know you do it too) that has been talking about the place I have my full ms with. Well people that sent in fulls around the same time as me are starting to hear back on them… soo I hope I hear something soon.¬† Hopefully good, no hopefully great news. Wouldn’t that be awesome! I can’t even imagine it, but it would be so amazing. I read all these blogs that talk about getting book deals and they have all these friends with book deals, total dream of mine. I can’t wait until my whole critique group can be like that, and I know we will get there! I’m not sure if it was¬†the massive cup of coffee I just finished, or my lack of sleep last night, but as you can tell for someone that is extremely behind in writing and has a sick little boy, I’m extraordinarily positive today, possibly teetering on neurotic but either way, let’s go with it and get some writing done!


Well my marathon writing ended yesterday with about 5,000 words. Didn’t quite make it to goal, but I’m still happy with how much work I got done. Combined. Jessica and I almost typed 10K words, not too bad.¬† Maybe I will have to set more challenges like this for myself. It seemed to help, I’m glad I gave it a shot. Now I just need to keep it up to finish my NaNo project in time!

One of the many reasons I love my critique group!

Jessica, one of my critique partners, decided to take on the challenge to write 11,111 words on 11/11/11, well she invited me to join her and of course I couldn’t say no to that! So here goes nothing. We¬†are both nearing the 2k mark so we, um, still have our work cut out for us. But I think we are both more of late night writers anyway. We can do it.!
Jessica will be blogging about it today, check it out:

Gossamer Part II??

While I should be working on my NaNo project I had this huge impulse to start working on the follow up to Gossamer. I have so much more I want to tell and after revisiting it with some editing and what not, I got drawn back into my characters. So, maybe my NaNo project will be something different than I planned. I wrote the first chapter earlier and decided I couldn’t stop there, I kept going, so now what to do, what to do? GOSSAMER II (no title yet) or L.O.V.E.?
I guess only time will tell, but I am determined to get 50k words somehow, somewhere!

Kindle Touch

I’m so bummed Kindle is coming out with all these new e-readers now, I haven’t even had my kindle for a full year and I really want the touch one now! It took me forever to break down and buy one because I couldn’t come to terms with giving up the feel of a real book but finally¬†I did. It had to be a Kindle though because the pages still look like that of a book, no back lit, computer screen like pages.
I still read print books all the time but I do love my Kindle, especially when traveling! Now I’m so torn, because I want the Kindle touch, but can’t justify buying a new one so soon.¬† Maybe I can pass it down to my daughter, she’s only a second grader but she reads chapter books for much older kids and reads all the time, soo… justification? Probably not. Oh well, I will wait it out I suppose. I constantly find myself trying to turn pages by touching the screen like I would my iPhone so it would be great if it did actually have this feature, but I can live with it, and secretly covet everyone else that gets one of the new ones for Christmas.

On a good note I almost have my computer fixed! I can’t believe all the crazy stuff I found in it, if you are smart enough to make these computer malwares and rogue viruses you are definitely smart enough to put it to better use!

My computer hates me…

Last night as I was settling in to get some NaNo writing done I managed to get some sort of rogue virus on my computer… I can’t get the darn thing out! I keep trying different things and nothing can get rid of it for good. I still have my netbook to work on while I figure this out but I’m so preoccupied with fixing my other computer I have done nothing else today. Nothing!
So I started off NaNo week¬†one with strep throat, now week¬†two with a computer virus, which leads me to believe one of two things: 1. this is a sign that maybe I shouldn’t be doing it, or 2. this is a test of my perseverance. I’m going to go¬†with reason two for now, but seriously if I start week three with some sort of mini crisis, I may just throw in the towel! (Not really, but I will be extremely frustrated)