Monthly Archives: December 2011

Dream On

I’m working on a new project, it has to do with dreams and I’m sort of loving it!
So that being said LOVE has once again been pushed to the side. I don’t know what it is I’m struggling with but I am. I did so much work on it during NaNo, but I can’t seem to find the drive to work on it now. I like the story and it’s really in editing phase which is a part I actually like (something about getting so close to final product) but for some reason I just don’t have it in me to finish it. It will happen though! Eventually 🙂 For now though my focus is on my new WIP that is currently title-less. It needs something exciting, funny and kick ass, all like the MC, but so far I’ve had no title epiphanies. I’m sure it will come eventually! But for now, I’m lovingly calling it DREAM ON. 😉

What’s in a name…

I was having a discussion with my critique group about pen names. Jessica found this interesting article : 
So now of course I’m giving this even more thought.
I don’t have a huge problem with my name, besides the obvious how do you spell/pronounce/remember such a crazy name. When someone asks for my full name I just start spelling, there’s no point in even trying to let them figure that one out, even though it is pronounced exactly like it looks, no mysterious silent letters or unusual accents. After reading this article you realize everything is important- name connotations, shelf placement, etc. But… this post is not about my name. It’s about something I find rather amusing. This morning, just a day after this discussion I heard this story.
(This person will never see this so I don’t feel too guilty talking about it.)
So this girl (she’s actually in her 30’s) has an unusual name, not bad just different – much like mine- and she has decided she has never liked it and wants to change it. Now mind you she’s married, has children, and I’m sure a list of legally binding forms and documents with her name all over them. I know she’s not the only person to decide to change their first name, I find her timing a bit off, but well it’s her choice. Now here’s the crazy party- she’s running a facebook survey on what her new name should be. Really?!? That’s something you send out to 500 of your closest friends?? Getting input from family and friends is one thing, but this I just don’t get. FB really is the be-all and end-all for some people, but don’t get me started on that!
Here I’m stressing over pen names, and this lady decides to bite the bullet and legally change her name via facebook suggestions. Sigh. I can’t help but wonder about people sometimes (read–>all the time).

I did it!

I actually did it! I finished a little over 50K words for my nano project, with two minutes to spare (procrastinate much). I actually thought I had finished a hour early but apparently my word count was way off from the “verify word count” on NaNo page. I don’t know why, but needless to say that was quite a surprise.  I sat there thinking, throw in the towel? or Type like crazy for next hour? Thankfully I chose the to keep going and I did it!
Now come major revisions and rewrites, just because I met the word count doesn’t mean I’m anywhere near being done. It needs a LOT of work!