Monthly Archives: March 2012

New website design

While I should be editing I got a bit distracted. I’ve been thinking about changing my website for a awhile because I was worried the old site loaded too slow, but the process to redo the site is extremely time consuming. So, I hesitated on doing it. Well, I finally did it.
I also did a little blog updating and added a direct link to my website. If you click the Renita Pizzitola tab it directs you straight to my website.
So, check it out. Thoughts? Opinions? Do you like one better than the other, let me know.


So, I have completely slacked on my blog, but it’s for good reason. I’ve been crazy busy.
Edits for Gossamer are coming along and thankfully have not been as scary as I thought they’d be. I’m also finishing up revisions on my adult paranormal romance, Dream On, and just finished my first draft of the second book of the Gossamer series, Gilded. Now to take a breath-
I’m also working on my book’s dedication and acknowledgements. It’s completely surreal. I have to say, other than physically (or digitally I should say) seeing my book, this has been one of those moments where I step back and think this is really happening! I have always, always, wanted to be able to dedicate a book to someone. How awesome is that?
The acknowledgements are also fun, though I feel like I’m writing an acceptance speech. My daughter was hilarious. She overheard me talking about my acknowledgements and begged me to put her name in it. I asked her why and she said “So I can be famous”(you and me both, kid). I told her it was there, then my son, on the verge of tears, tells me “I want to be famous, too.” I assured him I hadn’t left him out. It was too cute.
As you can see, I’ve been busy, which I’m honestly happy about, but I have to say the one thing I’m dying to do but haven’t had the chance–read. No one every said being a writer would leave you little time to read! Okay, I do have some time and really do want to, but in the mix of all my personal edits, I find it better not to read anything else. I feel like it influences my voice or something. Weird, I know.
So there’s my recap! I’m sure you were all just dying for a Renita update 😉