Monthly Archives: May 2012

DFW writers conference

Recently I attended the DFW writers conference and it was completely amazing. It was my first conference so I honestly didn’t know what to expect but if they are all like that I’m going to start conference hopping!

I think the best part was meeting other writers. I’ve heard people say that it’s important to surround yourself with writery peeps (like my word creation–I do that a lot) But it’s hard to do in my everyday life. I have lots of writer friends all over the internet and I’m not saying they aren’t amazing, but I’m sure other writers know what I mean. Anyway, point is the conference was full of people just like me! Going through the same struggles, speaking the same writer talk, and the best one–they have the same sense of humor. Which is one of the reasons I had so much fun. I made new friends, learned new things, and will most definitely¬†go back next year.

The conference also got me pumped to start working on something new and I fully intend to, but…of course, I managed to get side-tracked. The good news–I finished Gilded (Gossamer, book two) and sent it off to my editor. Yay! Looking forward to what she has to say about it (at least I think I am) and while I truly want to work on a new MS, I started book three. I only have chapter one, and I’m wavering on whether to hold off and work on a new project or keep going while I have the momentum. Once again, I’m reminded that you really have to LOVE to write to be a writer. Thankfully, I do!