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There’s been some changes and Gossamer has a new release date–October 8, 2012. I know it’s torture having to wait a few more weeks ūüėČ but good things come to those who wait…right? Don’t worry, I will still send out plenty of reminders. ¬†And though it sounds like a big shift, in the publishing world it’s the equivalent of like a day…no joke. Books take a long time to get from the author’s hands to the readers but it will get there, and hopefully be the best possible book it can be by that time. So, mark your calendars (again) for Gossamer’s release on October 8th!

And now with Gossamer nearing completion, Gilded (book two) under contract, and Dream On about to go into edits, I’ve actually had some free time to read and it’s like I’m feeding an addiction! I haven’t read in sooo long, I’m devouring any book that comes my way. I’ve read five books in the last seven days! It feels good to read¬†(something other than my own work)¬†again .¬†


Gossamer releases two months from today! Wow!
Here’s more faery info for you ūüôā

For most people a faery would be described as a small, winged, probably beautiful creature but many people don’t realize how many types of mythological creatures the word ‘faery’ encompasses. Some names might be¬†familiar–brownie, sprite, goblin, elf, banshee–but they are thought to be an entirely¬†separate¬†creature, when in reality they are all part of the fae world.¬†

In Gossamer, the ones referred to as simply ‘the fae’ are more¬†accurately¬†classified as elementals. They connect with one of the five elements–earth, wind, fire, water, or spirit. But there are many other types of faery-folk introduced in this series as well. Often when I tell people my book is about faeries they immediately jump to images of tiny, flitting creatures–which couldn’t be further from what this series is actually about.¬†From my understanding, though many people believed faeries could fly using magic, the appearance of wings did not begin until the artwork of the Victorian era. I also think this was when faery stories became more mainstream through literature and artwork, whereas prior to this it will still more about folklore. I could be wrong, so don’t hold me to that ūüôā¬†

So, here’s some info based on legend.
  • most don’t have wings
  • most are of human stature
  • typically have magical abilities or other supernatural qualities
  • live either in an otherworld, hidden in the hills, underground, hidden among humans, or in nature–depends on the legend.
  • Some are social and live in faery groups others are solitary (sometimes referred to as the Seelie and Unseelie court)
  • Most, are considered friendly if treated well by humans
  • Many are considered pranksters that enjoy tricking humans
  • Some are very unwelcoming to humans,¬†especially¬†the solitary fae

T√≠r na n√ďg

Gossamer’s release is 11 weeks away…but who’s counting. While I’m excited about the big day, it will also mean the end of summer break. Which means I don’t mind the next few weeks moving very slowly! In my last post I talked about the spelling of faery and provided a little bit of back story. I think it might be interesting to know more about the legends¬†relevant¬†to Gossamer, so I decided to do it again. This time I’m talking about an Irish faery realm.

T√≠r na n√ďg, pronounced teer nah nouge, is also known as the land of eternal youth. It is a magical otherworld that was home to fae and other otherworldly beings. It’s considered to be a very beautiful place with trees and flowers that bloom all year. According to Irish legend, no one aged there or they did age but time ran so slow it seemed as if¬†no one¬†grew older. If a mortal was transported to¬†T√≠r na n√ďg¬†(humans cannot travel there without help from otherworldly¬†creatures) they would lose all sense of time and when they finally realized what was going on, they would return to the mortal world–looking no different than when they left–and find everyone they knew and loved had passed on or grown old.

You can hear¬†T√≠r na n√ďg pronounced here:¬†

Faerytale vs. Fairytale

I know many of you have read stories about fae before but, for those of you who haven’t, the question has¬†been asked¬†why I spell faerytale with an ‘e’ as opposed to an ‘i’.

Gossamer is based on Irish legends and lore, specifically about the fae. I’m not trying to sound too simplistic but I know many of you aren’t familiar with this stuff. So, let me try my best to explain. In most legends fairy is spelled–faery or faerie. The simple reason why–it stems from the word fae (which is just what you call all faeries). I use the spelling faery throughout¬†Gossamer and, for me, I feel as though I can’t spell every use of the word faery in my book with an ‘e’ but then randomly spell faerytale with an ‘i’. So that is why my tagline is “Shouldn’t all faerytales end with happily-ever-after”. Kyla’s story is an actual faerytale emphasis on fae. ūüôā And it also¬†has a ‘fairytale’ twist. See how that ties together…pretty crafty huh?? I’m kidding, but one thing you will learn about what I write–very little is chosen without a lot of thought. The title of each book, to each characters names, to tiny¬†little seemingly insignificant details¬†are chosen with a meaning and purpose. (I think that’s the English major in me, wanting everything to be symbolic and have a double meaning–we love to over analyze. True story…we have a whole degree based on it)

A¬†little more back story–every character/supernatural/otherworldly whatever you find in this series stems from Celtic legend. Almost all are Irish but there is a tiny bit of Scottish legend as well further along in the series. Because of this, my character’s (minus¬†Kyla’s friends at school) will have Irish names. So for instance the character Conor is spelled with one ‘n’ as opposed to the more commonly¬†seen version with two¬†because it’s the Irish spelling. There are lots of references to other fae specific things as well. I did a lot of research for this series and learned a lot. If you want to know more as you read the series google it ūüôā I promise, it’s all legit! I may have slightly altered certain things to fit my storyline (and even when I did, I tried to have a very good explanation as to why it differs) but in general everything you encounter is based on some otherworldly belief people had not too long ago. In fact, if you read up on it, you will find, like most legends, many of these stories were used to explain events that occurred in everyday lives, especially things that were hard to deal with–like the loss of a loved one. I’ve just taken these now outdated beliefs and pulled them into the modern world. We no longer believe these things to be true, but what if they were and, due to our skepticism, we just missed the signs? That’s basically where my story comes in.

Oh and a quick note on the title–Gossamer, of course, paints images of light, airy fabric or, more specifically for me, gossamer wings–like those of faeries (which, by the way, I must mention faeries don’t have wings, but don’t tell my daughter.¬†That would absolutely crush her). But it also can describe things that are thinly veiled and for Kyla that describes her life. Lies cover her true identity but they form only a thin veil, and if she looked harder or paid attention to the little signs, she¬†would find the truth.

There you have it! If you ever have questions while reading the story, like why did you choose this name, location, description–just ask! There is probably a reason and I love talking about that kind of stuff.