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Spotlight Author–Joanne Wadsworth


To love and protect…across worlds.

Eighteen-year-old Faith Stryker is prepared to leap out into the unknown world beyond her home shores of New Zealand to experience life. Only she never expected to encounter Magio, a planet with two warring countries, where its people reach adulthood at eighteen by coming into their strength and prophetic abilities. Only after Faith discovers she’s a Halfling–thanks to her warrior father she’s never met–does her own skill of forethought develop.

Peacio’s Prince Davio Loveria is sent to the young Faith Stryker by his grandfather, but not all goes as planned. Davio discovers Faith isn’t just a Halfling, she’s also his soul-bound mate–an intense relationship he cannot, nor will not, give up.

With two wars now waging…one of land and the other of the heart…can the young lovers find their place in the world?

I’d like to welcome fellow Lyrical author Joanne Wadsworth. Isn’t the cover of Protector1 gorgeous?? I love, love, love it! Okay, on to the questions.

Tell us a little about your current release.

Protector is about one young Earth woman who discovers she is soul-bound to a prince from another world. I love the fantasy genre, and being able to immerse myself in world-building. Protector is a young adult book where imagination and magic soar.

What was your inspiration behind this book?

My inspiration began four years ago when I envisioned the world of Magio–I drew up a huge cast of heroines and heroes, along with a scourge of villains. Each hero and heroine have their own story, and Protector is the first in a series which will have several books. The second book has just been contracted to Lyrical Press, and I’m so excited to see my dream for this series coming true.

Why did you choose this particular genre?

I simply love writing stories which are edgy and fast-paced, something YA is well-known for. Plus younger characters can be more cunning, with their personalities shining through in inspiring ways.

Tell the readers a little about you.

I call New Zealand home. Where I live we have white sand beaches for as far as the eye can see. My hubby and four kiddies love to snorkel and swim–and I’m never far away from them when they do. But mostly I write. If I’m not writing, then I’m reading. If I’m not reading, then I’m plotting my next storyline.

What inspired you to become a writer?

I was inspired by my love of reading. My mother fostered this from a very early age. When I was in middle-school, the Sweet Valley High series came out and each month my mother bought me a copy. Then in 2009 when Twilight hit the bookshelves in New Zealand, I picked up my copy and discovered a passion for the young adult genre.

What do you find is your biggest writing struggle?
Finding quiet time. My kiddies are aged 14, 12, 10 & 8, and any noise is a distraction. So once they’re off to school, I’m like a bullet heading to my office.

Any tips for new writers?

Write because it’s your passion, and never stop. Your writing will improve the harder you work at your craft. That’s the most important lesson I’ve learnt.

Any other books in the works?

I love that you asked this question. The second book in this Magio-Earth series is titled, Warrior. It’s a powerful story about a young Dralion woman who discovers she is soul-bound to a protector from the enemy nation. It’s a young adult, fantasy romance, and is contracted to Lyrical Press with a tentative release date of November 4th 2013.

How/where can readers find you?

If you’d like to experience a little of my Kiwi hospitality, you’ll find me right here:

BUY THE BOOK: Amazon Kindle / B&N Nook / iTunes /Lyrical Press / Kobo.
Look for JOANNE WADSWORTH hereMy Website and Blog / Twitter Facebook Fan Page / Goodreads.


Davio leaned over me, all six foot four of him, his warm honey-brown hair falling forward to curl snugly around his neck, and I longed for him, just as I had during my first sighting of him in the classroom.
“What’s happening is the bond, my mate. It will become difficult for me to keep my distance both physically and emotionally unless I leave and end this now.”
My heart hitched. “You want to leave?” I swayed closer on impulse. “Is that how this bond works? We find each other and then you leave?” God preserve his people if it did.
“No, it is not. Those mated are bonded for life if we allow the link to grow. Except that would be the most unwise choice for us to take. You are, quite clearly, neither from my country nor from my world, and as such will have no allegiance to me or my people. I have no wish to join with one who does not wish to join with me in all ways. With that being the case, I will find another when the time is right. As should you,” he added solemnly.
I frowned. Hold on–did he just say he would be joining with another woman?
I bit my tongue. That was good? I should leave it at that, right?
Jeez, what was wrong with me for questioning that choice?
“I’m sorry. We just met, and you’re right. Go find your, your–” Strangely, I struggled to get the words out and finally gave up. “Well, have yourself a nice long life, and all that.” I patted his chest roughly.
That was more like me.
The clock ticked and time slowed.
He didn’t move.
“Look at me.” He tipped up my chin, directly staring at me. “This would never work.”
“I understand. It’s been pretty awful meeting you too.” I leaned back, only to feel the pressure of his hand move around my waist to the small of my back, preventing me.
I moved to grip his arm. “Okay, you were going.”

Reading romance books captivated Joanne Wadsworth as a teenager, particularly when she tucked herself into bed at night and continued to dream those stories as she slept. She’d visualize the direction, taking the hero and heroine on an adventure unparalleled to what she’d read. Today she is devoted to writing romance, bringing her imagination to life within the lines of young adult, and thrilling romantic suspense.
Born in New Zealand, Joanne works both as a writer and a financial controller, all while keeping up with her four energetic children and dreamy husband.
Visit Joanne Wadsworth at

Dream On and Gossamer Updates!

Dream On Excerpt is up. Check it out here–Dream On by Renita Pizzitola

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Lexie interviews Kylie and Grant! Gossamer Character Interview can be found here–

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Dream On Cover Reveal this Saturday!

Earlier this week I had a wonderful surprise in my inbox–my cover art for Dream On! This Saturday will be the big reveal. Since I’m horrible at keeping anything secret it’s killing me to wait until Saturday to share it but I will say it’s pretty steamy 😉 and I love it!  I can’t wait for everyone to see it. 
Please check out my cover reveal on Saturday at the following websites:

New Release and Giveaway: Her Heart’s Secret Wish by Juliana Haygert

I’m thrilled to feature (the very awesome) Juliana Haygert’s new release – Her Heart’s Secret Wish. It’s a New Adult novella and, if you’re anything like me, you probably can’t get enough NA right now. I can’t wait to read it! Follow the links below to add Her Heart’s Secret Wish to your Goodreads tbr list and grab your copy today! 
Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Her Heart’s Secret Wish by Juliana Haygert

Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Release Date: 12/12/12
Genre: NA contemporary romance
Length: 13,000 words

With a renowned reputation as a player, she had everything figured out…

Twenty-year-old college student, Natasha is the life of every party and the reason behind many celebrations. The easiest girl on campus has all guys at her feet and more than a few in her bed.
…until he came into the game…
Having entered the academic world by chance, Professor Jason Stone is surprised to find one of his young students a huge temptation. The infamous Natasha has caught his attention. But is there more to her than meets the eye?
…and changed the rules.
As their unexpected friendship grows, so does their attraction to each other. When Jason’s Christmas plans are canceled and he ends up at the same party as Natasha, sparks flare, destroying the safe zone around them. Will they figure out how to break through their self-imposed barriers to be together, or lose one another forever?

About the Author: 

Juliana is a Brazilian girl living in Connecticut.
She would love to be Wonder Woman, Cheetara, Elektra, Buffy, Phoebe, She-ra, Rose, Korra, Cornelia, a blood elf shadow priest, and other various kick-ass female from books, comics, TV series, movies, and games, but she settles for—the less exciting but equally gratifying life—a wife, mother, friend and a writer. Her heroines are like the ones cited above and she also writes about the heroes who drive them crazy—and occasionally hot.
Since her first stories, she wrote about 20-something year old protagonists, and today she’s part of NA Alley, a blog dedicated to New Adult. 

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Spotlight Author: Chandra Ryan

Bond Betrayed

Isaac Marrow doesn’t care that Nikki Rathe is a seductress. She’s the only member of the Community who can help him get his sister Molly back from Nikki’s father, who holds the rest of their kind under his spell. But he doesn’t expect her to help willingly. Instead, he tricks her into giving up her blood, bonding her to him in an effort to compel her support.

Nikki could have told Isaac that bonding himself to a seductress was a foolish move, but he never asked. Now, a powerful lust ties them together, driving them both mad. Isaac is hot, but the desire is a distraction she doesn’t need. Nikki wants to free Molly and bring down her father just as much as Isaac, if not more. The Community banished her as a child while letting her power-hungry father grow stronger. But Isaac’s betrayal of her trust can’t go unpunished. And a seductress can deliver a powerful punishment.

Hi Chandra, tell us a little about your current release.  

Bond Betrayed is about a seductress, Nikki, who gets tricked into helping an enforcer, Isaac, to take down her estranged father.  Nikki was born into a society of beings that have magical abilities called The Community.  But she was cast out when she was twelve and left to languish in human foster care.  As much as she hates and distrusts her own kind, she’s a seductress and still desires men but more than that, she craves acceptance.  When she bumps into a very handsome male, Isaac, in the grocery store, she thought she’d go back to his house for a quickie but he uses her blood to bond her to him.  Once she’s bonded, she has to do whatever he orders her to do.  And he wants nothing more than to bring down the crime lord (Nikki’s father) who is holding Isaac’s sister hostage.

What was your inspiration behind this book?

I was walking into a grocery store and saw a handsome man whose arms were covered in tattoos.  I started wondering about his ink.  Why he got it and what it all meant.  And, well, it all started there.

Why did you choose this particular genre?

I wanted a dark world where no one was really good or bad; they were all just different shades of gray.  Paranormal really allowed me to have good guys who were more than a little gray around the edges.

Tell the readers a little about you.

My background and degree are actually in psychology.  I’ve always been fascinated by the choices people make and why.  I always thought I’d go back and do a masters program, and I actually started one in political science, but after getting married and having kid that kind of got put on the back burner.

What inspired you to become a writer?

It was actually my love of psychology.  I decided to stay home with my kids after they were born but couldn’t stop thinking about people and why they do what they do.  What circumstances would someone have to find themselves in to make some huge life-changing decisions.

What do you find is your biggest writing struggle?

I’m dyslexic, so my biggest struggle is trying to find the right words to express something and then putting the words in the right order.  I’m always flipping phrases around, so the phrase isn’t technically wrong but it sounds odd.  Fortunately I have a fantastic husband who’s used to looking for weird wording and I’ve had wonderful editors who let me know when I miss one or two.

Any tips for new writers?

One of the things that has helped me tremendously is reading.  Yes, you need to write.  You need to write a lot.  But you should be reading as well.  Know your genre, your publishers, and the other authors in your field.  When a passage, a piece of dialogue, or a plot point makes you roll your eyes, make a mental note to never make that same mistake in your books.  

Any other books in the works?

Right now I’m writing the next Ink book.  It’s Molly and Thomas’ story.  I’m really excited about their story because this is the first one where both of the people were actually raised in the Community.  It allows me to write a really raw, gritty story.  

How/where can readers find you?

My website is:
But I’m almost always on twitter.  My handle is: @ChandraRyan

Thanks for stopping by Chandra!

Nikki heard the low growl of impatience, but it took a second for her to recognize it as her own. “You talk too much.” She covered his mouth with hers, silencing him.
The kiss was filled with challenge and desire, making it both hungry and vulnerable at the same time. His arms closed around her back as she deepened the kiss, pulling her closer, until every inch of her body was pressed against his. The feel of his skin under hers was intoxicating.
Pushing him away, she sat up and stared at him for a moment before lowering her mouth to his neck. Her tongue sought out and found his racing pulse. Savoring the lightly salty taste of his skin, she started working her way down to the sensitive spot where his neck met his shoulder. Biting him teasingly, she heard him moan as his hands clenched her thighs.
“You taste good.” Her voice was husky, seductive—intentionally so. Here, she was in her element.
“And what if I want to taste you?”
God, this was just what she needed. “Feel free.”
“No, I mean all of you.”
There was no mistaking his meaning. Their magic lived in their blood and, although she’d never shared hers with anyone, she’d heard it was an aphrodisiac. One hardly ever offered because it could also be used to enslave another.
But he couldn’t enslave her—couldn’t evoke the blood bond because he didn’t know her name. There was no way to bind another without their name. Also, a person could only place one blood bond in a lifetime. No one would waste something that precious on a one-night stand. She’d be safe. And the thought of his blood on her tongue made her quiver with need.
“Will you bleed for me?” she asked, her voice heavy with desire.
“Sounds fair.”
Sitting up, he pulled a small knife from a night table and ran it across his wrist. When he’d cut enough to provoke several drops of blood he held it out to her. The magic in their blood prevented blood-borne diseases, so she didn’t have to worry about that. But still, she felt suddenly nervous. She had no idea what to expect. The wave of desire that hit her at just the tangy smell of his blood was enough to overcome her nerves, though. Leaning forward, she touched the blood with just the tip of her tongue. His magic was a mystery, but the power of it rushed through her. She was flying with his strength, the constant anxiety and fear that ate away at her, gone. If this was how her sister felt on heroin, she could almost understand Izzy’s addiction.
“My turn?”
Even with her head buzzing, she felt a small measure of her earlier concern return but she quickly brushed it away. He’d lived up to his end of the deal. And if he meant to hurt her, he’d had plenty of time not to mention opportunity already. But he hadn’t harmed her in any way. In fact, he’d given her one of the most pleasurable experiences she’d ever had.
“Your turn.” She held out her wrist to him boldly. Nothing in her entire life had ever felt this good. Not even the knife slicing through her skin was enough to dull the sensation, especially when the warmth of his mouth covered the wound. She’d been wrong. Having him take her blood was even better than taking his.
He sucked in a ragged breath as the warmth of his body left her. Opening her eyes, she stared at him as confusion began to chase away her desire. She’d never wanted to be closer to another person than she did with him at that moment. Why was he pulling away from her?
“Nicola Lillian Rathe, I bond you to me with the power of your own blood.”
It took a moment for the words to sink through the heady desire that was wrapped around her, but when they finally did, white-hot anger killed what was left of the seductive warmth throbbing through her and made her breathing hard and ragged with disbelief. “What?”
“You’re mine.” He said the words triumphantly, but there was a sadness in his eyes. Refusing to see it, she leapt for the knife he’d left foolishly close to her.
“Like hell I am.” Her fingers closed around the sleek handle of the blade. She wasn’t an expert on blood bonds by any standard of measure, but she did know if you killed the holder, it’d set the slave free.
“You can try.” He held his arms out, giving her a clean shot at his heart. She’d never killed anyone, but if it was to free herself she was pretty sure she could. She tried to force the knife toward him, but as excruciating pain exploded in her head she dropped it again. “But the bond won’t let you hurt me.”
Cursing, she brought her gaze to meet his. “Bastard!”
His sigh was exaggerated. “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.”
The word asshole sat on her tongue, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t say it.
“That’s better.”
The condescending prick was going to pay. Maybe she couldn’t hurt him directly, hell, now she couldn’t even call him names, but she’d figure out a way to make him pay.

About the Author: 
Being from a rather nomadic family, Chandra Ryan loves to travel and meet people. But she’s found that sometimes, like when you’re stuck inside because of a good old-fashioned Southwestern heat wave, you have to make do. Fortunately for her and her loving family, who don’t like seeing her suffer from cabin fever, she’s found creating new people and places equally as fascinating. Also, you’re a lot less likely to spill your ice tea.

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