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Gilded (Gossamer #2) teaser

This weekend I finished going over the galley for Gilded and thought I’d share a teaser 🙂 I love this little Kylie snippet because it captures her personality perfectly and we get a peek into how things are going with Grant. Of course it’s only a teaser sooo I’m going to leave you hanging 😉
“Okay then. Now that we have that all cleared up, there’s one thing left to do.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him to me. If this would be our last kiss for a while, it had to be memorable. I laced my fingers behind his neck and pressed into him.

He pulled me closer. One hand cradled my head, the other my hip, as he stepped forward and backed me into the tree we stood under. He leaned into me and my heart raced against his chest. I inhaled in short gasps and decided breathing was overrated. If I died from being suffocated by these kisses, I’d go happy.