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The time I had a baby…

Today I’m going to step away from everything book and writing related to discuss another important event because today is the tenth anniversary of a pretty big day in my life.

The day my water broke while walking in the mall.

Yes. I’m that person.

Thing is, I had no idea it broke. Hollywood had prepared me for a hurricane like flood…it wasn’t. I really didn’t want to be one of those women who every L&D nurse knew because I had false labor on a daily basis, so I decided to brush off pretty much everything as normal. I was wrong. (I know, shocking, I didn’t think it could happen either. But thankfully it was the last time. I’m 99% confident I’ve never been wrong again.)

It was the husband’s birthday and we went to the mall to get something before heading out to dinner. Something was up (I’ll spare you the details), but I didn’t want to ruin his birthday dinner (God forbid with labor! I’m a giver, what can I say) so I sat through dinner. Picked at my food, then on the way home, finally told him I needed to call the nurse line. An hour or so later, we were checked into the hospital ready to have our baby girl (in my defense it was my first kid/pregnancy/everything. I had no clue!).

I guess my sweet little girl figured I’d made her wait to be born, she’d show me. And she did. Thirty-six freaking hours later, she graced us with her presence. I’m a champ, and she doesn’t have to share her birthday with her dad.

So today, my husband turns old 😉 And I get to reminisce on two failed epidurals, thirty six hours of labor, and one stubborn little girl who in two days turns ten (10! Can you freaking believe it! Thank God I stopped aging several years ago).

And in case you’re wondering…she was worth the wait.


Gossamer #3 Revealed!

I’ve been keeping a secret! 🙂 Today I’m sharing not just the title for the final book in the Gossamer Series but the cover as well!! Can you tell I’m excited?? The title sums up Kylie’s journey so perfectly for me, I decided not to release it until I could do it right! With the gorgeous cover art, that is! And what better time than during a twitter party.




Ta-da! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Final Granted CoverCover Art by Reagan of RInkD

Granted (Gossamer #3) is tentatively scheduled for Summer 2014.

Gossamer Series Bonus Scene: Grant POV!

As part of tonight’s twitter party I’m releasing a Bonus Scene! To avoid spoilers this scene comes from Gossamer which opens with Kylie seeing Grant. Well, ever wondered what he was thinking? Here you go! The first time Grant sees Kylie, written from his POV. Enjoy!

The halls of Brentwood Preparatory School had gone from semi-quiet to buzzing with mindless chatter as students flooded in. Fetching this girl sounded easy, after all, we were royal guards, we’d trained for extreme circumstances, but with each passing second I realized how wrong I was. Having never been in a high school, I hadn’t adequately prepared for our assignment.  Or so many…people. Mortal people. Namely, teenagers.

Conor echoed my concerns. “Uh, Grant?”

I turned to him.

“How in the hell do we find her? You have any idea what she even looks like?”

“Probably like her mom.” I shrugged. “Aislinn said she’d have dark hair and green eyes, other than that, I’m not sure. I suppose we may sense her magic. Tune in to your senses. You can probably sniff her out.”

He rubbed the back of his neck. “If you say so. I’d hoped this job wouldn’t take more than a day or two.”

A petite girl with blond hair, and too much make-up, sauntered by with a flirty grin. With a quick smile and nod, I turned away. Conor didn’t seem impressed either. Problem with mortals, they didn’t realize fae epitomized beauty. By our standards, it took a lot more than a pretty face to intrigue us. I wanted beauty inside and out, something I hadn’t managed to find even among the fae-world. But then again, I hadn’t really been looking.

“Should we split up?” Conor asked.

“Probably a good idea. It’s important as soon as we find her to establish communication. She may not be too trusting so find an excuse to talk to her, feel her out and see how much she knows. But be cautious, we don’t want to endanger her either.”

Conor rolled his eyes. “Thanks Mission Control, but I think I got it.”

We’d both been briefed but sometimes Conor’s easygoing nature stressed me out. Though, he probably felt the same way about my sense of responsibility. I’d learned to live by the guard code. And after years of fending for myself, I loved the structure and sense of belonging. It gave my life purpose. Probably another reason I’d never find a girl. My loyalty was to my job…and Liam.

Conor glanced at the paper schedule the office had printed him. “Okay, I’m heading off this way. I’ll meet up with you midday. Fourth period lunch.” He grumbled, “I don’t know how they live like this.” He tugged at his collar.

When Conor became overwhelmed, he’d break free by shifting into an animal. Preferably one that could move fast. He wasn’t the settling down type. The fact I’d convinced him to work with me under King Alastar, still surprised me.

He sighed. “Let’s just find this girl and get out of here.”

“Her name is Kyla. Probably want to remember that.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll catch up with you later.” He strode away, swallowed by the crowd in seconds.

I walked in the opposite direction checking out every brunette who passed. A few of which smiled back a bit too eagerly. In my line of work, I’d dealt with shady pukas, bewitching merrows and treacherous fae, but who knew high school girls would be the predator I feared most?

With only a few minutes left until the final morning bell, I gave up. Once everyone was gathered for lunch, I’d probably have a better chance finding her. I headed toward my first class when my hands started to tingle. It spread through my arms and trickled down my body. Magic? But the sensation was off. Normally, I knew magic was near like the way animals sensed a shift in weather. But this, well, I actually felt. I glanced around but couldn’t pinpoint the source.

I continued down the hall, expanding my senses, searching for danger. But that wasn’t it either. This was most definitely magic and with each step I took it grew stronger.

The air crackled and my skin prickled. A euphoric sensation radiated from the pit of my stomach. What the hell was that?

Then I saw her.

A girl with long brown hair held the metal door of her locker. She stared blankly into it, shook her head then slammed the locker shut. But her movements seemed off, unsure, almost confused. Then she turned.

The full force blasted me. Beautiful didn’t seem adequate.

Her green eyes locked onto mine. Her flawless skin flushed pink, matching her lips. But she didn’t so much as blink, frozen like the marble statues in the palace gardens.

My legs kept moving me toward her as my heart rate became frantic. Everything told me to go to her, like I needed her to be complete, but this wasn’t me. Logic, reason, those were what decisions were made with. But she embodied reckless abandonment of those things. I didn’t want to think; I wanted to feel. She set my senses on fire and, in that moment, my life seemed wasted if I didn’t make her a part of it.

Her name rang out. Once. Twice. The third time was only in my head. I repeated it, burning the sound to memory, along with every other detail about her.

Her gaze suddenly broke from mine freeing me from my trance.

Needing to escape, I ducked down the nearest hall.

For the first time in my life, I’d acted out of fear, not duty. The hardest part of my assignment was supposed to be convincing her to leave, but now I had a bigger problem. From here on out, I’d have a new job: Avoid falling for the girl who already belonged to someone else.

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Twitter Party featuring @JoanneWadsworth (Magio-Earth Series) and @RenitaPizzitola (Gossamer Series) September 12th!


I’m excited to be participating in a Twitter party on September 12th! I will be joining fellow Lyrical Press author Joanne Wadsworth from 8-9 pm EST. We will answer questions, share teasers and, of course, give away books! Follow along using #LyricalYA.

If you have any questions about The Magio-Earth Series or The Gossamer Series, now’s the time to ask! We hope to see you there!

And if you aren’t already, follow @JoanneWadsworth and @LyricalPress on twitter!

Release Day Giveaway #Gilded by @RenitaPizzitola

Guess what day it is??

It’s release day for Gilded! I’m so excited to finally be able to share the next book in Kylie’s journey. In book two, Kylie learns a lot about herself, the fae world and discovers who her real enemies and friends are. And best of all, Lexie joins her in all these adventures (along with Cara, Liam, Conor and, of course, Grant!!) We meet new characters as well, but are they friend or foe…I won’t say 🙂 My favorite thing about this book is watching Kylie find her inner strength while battling with the boundaries of too much power. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I’m sharing a mini excerpt and having a giveaway!


Gilded teaser mini excerpt


Sneak Peak: A Grant and Kylie mini excerpt!

He pulled out the jeans and t-shirt. “I need to change.”

“Oh, sorry.” I faced the trees, glad Grant couldn’t see the flushing in my cheeks.

He chuckled. “You didn’t have to turn around, but I figured I’d at least give you the courtesy of a warning, unlike other people I know.”

My face warmed even more, now probably a deep crimson as I remembered when, under the effects of ambrosia wine, I stripped my dress off in front of Grant. “Yeah, um, we don’t need to talk about that.”

“Why? I think about it all the time.”

The tone of his voice suggested he was smiling. I couldn’t decide if my embarrassment or his memories triggered it, but I still got butterflies.

He zipped his pants.

He was at least partially clothed so I glanced over my shoulder, my curiosity getting the better of me.

He grinned then peeled off his wet shirt. The muscles of his abdomen flexed with the movement.

My stomach dipped and fluttered and it took everything in my power not to rush him.

Still grinning, he tossed the wet shirt onto a tree branch, and slid on the dry one. He approached and turned me to face him. “You know things might have been a lot easier in the past if you had stronger magic.”

“What do you mean?”

He looked down. About a dozen buttercups had bloomed under me. “Your feelings wouldn’t have been so cryptic.”

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