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My exciting (agent) news!

I have news! What kind of news? Agent news!

Back in October, I emailed a certain agent about a New Adult manuscript I’d recently finished, and was thrilled when she requested my full. Let’s be honest, I was beyond thrilled just to get here…but it gets better!

In November, I received a lovely email from this agent, complete with revision notes. They were awesome too. Completely spot-on with my own vision, and very helpful. We chatted a bit on the phone about the revisions, and I set to work on them. We chatted when I had questions, she offered advice, I worked some more, and then I sent her the revised MS…and calmly waited to hear back from her.

Two weeks later, I received another awesome email, complimenting my revisions. (I actually had to read this email twice because the first time I was skimming for a rejection, and upon second reading realized she’d used the words love and revision in the very first sentence!) She had some minor notes and mentioned hopping on the phone in the new year.

Now this particular agent has mentioned how Agent/Author relationships are much like long distance relationships. And really, this was one of those moments where I wanted to overanalyze everything leading up to this phone call. We’d chatted on the phone before about revisions, so maybe that’s all this call would be too…??? But then again she was putting a lot of time and energy into my MS so…???

The holidays passed, I worked on my revisions and we set up a time to talk on the phone. I sent her back the revisions…and two days later I got The Call!

Suzie Townsend officially offered me representation!!

So I tried to be all:

But really I was all:

As excited as I was, I knew I should take a week to notify other agents and think about my decision. So I did. And I thought a lot about it. Like how well we’d worked on revisions together. How communicative Suzie is. How she shared my vision and enthusiasm. And ultimately how lucky I would be to have her as my agent.

So I officially gave her my answer.

And I couldn’t be happier!

This team is absolutely amazing, and I’m honored to be working with Suzie and New Leaf Literary!

Books — Where’d you go?!?

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update.

Due to Lyrical Press being acquired by Kensington, the Gossamer Series and Dream On are temporarily unavailable. Lyrical is working to get all titles back up ASAP under the new Lyrical/Kensington imprint, but we’ve been told it can take 30-60 days. Thanks for your patience!