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What’s next?

Now that JUST A LITTLE CRUSH has been released into the world for reviews, some of you (early readers) might be wondering what’s next?

Maybe even what’s next for two¬†certain characters… Fallon and Mason, maybe?? ūüôā

Well, I have good news and more good news (but maybe not the news everyone was hoping for?)

Fallon and Mason are getting their own stories! Just not together…

From very early on, Fallon’s character always spoke to me. She wasn’t just the “roommate” or some random secondary character, she was more than that. A lot more than that. Not only did she play her role in Brinley’s story, she had a story of her own. And, to be honest, there was a time when I toyed with the idea of Mason and Fallon having a complete enemies to lovers thing going on, maybe even a relationship of convenience. Except it just never felt right. The thing is,¬†Fallon has her own fears and insecurities way beyond that confident, outspoken girl we’ve come to know. And in the end, Mason wasn’t her match (which doesn’t mean he won’t play a role in her story too ūüėČ just not a romantic one). I knew Fallon¬†needed to escape her image and find¬†someone who could push past her walls, challenge her, make her laugh, and just, sort of, blindside her with…well, everything. ¬†I mean, she’s Fallon after all!

On a good note, Mason and even Brinley and Ryder are in Fallon’s story, along with a few other familiar names¬†and¬†a whole group of new friends…including¬†one special guy in particular. I can’t tell you much more than that right now, but I will say, I adore this guy. Like completely love him. He’s sexy, funny, sweet, and oh soo much more!

And if you’re wondering about¬†Mason’s story, I promise to share more¬†on that later. But I will say it might involve a summer trip that takes him completely out of his comfort zone and far away from Brinley.

So there you have it ūüôā

I¬†can’t wait to share Fallon’s story¬†also known as…¬†¬†JUST A LITTLE FLIRT coming Spring 2015!


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